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How to Meet the Needs of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Breed

The overly exaggerated newspaper and magazine articles about Staffordshire Bull Terrier have made it get labeled as a dangerous breed. Staffies are equally as friendly as other dogs and perfect for even homes with children.

Irrespective of the breed, your dog’s behavior majorly depends on how you raise and treat it. As such, do not avoid Staff at first sight when adopting or even buying a dog. In case you don’t imbibe the misconceptions, then we have tips to help you attend to its every need and wants.

Start off by Knowing Your Dog

Only take home that pooch when you’ve known how to manage it. As a family of the Terrier group, Staffies grow in height to approximately 1 foot and 4 inches up to shoulder. Staffies belong to the Terrier group and reach about one foot, four inches in height up to the shoulder. The dog can weigh from 24-48 pounds. How large the parents are will tell you how big the puppy will grow. Staffies can live for 12-14 years. Despite their masculine and strong appearance, staffies come off as affectionate and reliable. Staffies will live happily in your apartments but with regular walks and a garden to play. The dog shed a little fur but with lint roller, you can eliminate it from your clothing and furniture. A dog needs maximum care throughout their life and you have to be devoted.

Frequent Walks

Staffies will need to be walked with each passing day due to their masculinity and a powerful figure. It’s an obligation and you’ve got to be ready for it. To walk your dog, it need to have the best dog harness and lead. And since they tend to pull, make sure you spread the pressure across the chest as opposed to the neck. Avoid the handheld lead and chose the stretchy one for the best experience. As a result, the dog can enjoy the freedom of moving around filling its excessive need to know. Be sure to purchase the best dog harness to give yourself and the dog a wonderful time in the outdoors.

Secure Your Garden

Staffordshire Bull Terrier enjoy it when you leave them in the garden to play. Since they like digging, you can randomly dig a few holes for them. Put all the measures in place to secure your garden lest your dog escapes. It implies that you have to go a step further to reinforce the garden fence with chicken wire or even concrete such that they can dig underneath.

Ensure it’s Cool

Staffies don’t cannot do well in extreme temperatures and it’s upon you to devise ways of keeping it cool. Make sure there’s plenty cold water nearby and keep an eye on them.