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How to Maintain a Septic Tank in Good Working Condition

A septic tank is a great necessity for every household where the community does not have a central waste treatment facilities. Liquid effluents of a home drain in the septic tank. The maintenance of a septic tank is not hard mostly these days.

Take the appropriate steps to ensure that the tank is in good shape. In case of the tank’s leaks, there can be contamination of soil and water around the tank. The information given here is to help you take appropriate care for the sewerage treatment plant.

Anything that can damage the well-being of the septic tank should be eliminated. uproot any trees that are located next to the septic tank. The tank can be easily damaged by the roots of a tree. Avoid operating machinery that can vibrate or move over the tank thereby causing damage. Do not put up any building over the septic tank..

You can easily clog the sewerage system by introducing some solid items. Ensure that you do not put anything that can block the sewerage system. Some of the things you put into the tank are non-biodegradable. The materials can affect the proper functioning of the sewerage treatment plant. You should have a garbage grinder which breaks the food into smaller particles. This is the bacteria which break down organic waste. The treatment ensures that the waste do not become a health hazard to the environment. You should never hinder the proper working of the bacteria by introducing materials that make their work hard. Never put drain fatty substances into the septic. Grease leads to clogging which eventually disrupts the adequate working of the septic tank.

Some cleaning substances should never drain in the septic tank. Killing the useful bacteria would inhibit the treatment of waste because the solid waste is not broken down as expected. Do no put harmful chemicals in the septic tank as it will pollute the environment.

You should reduce the amount of water getting into the tank. This is by using nozzles which reduce the amount of water consumed when using a shower. Use a small amount of water in the washroom. Rain water can be disastrous to the septic tank. You should ensure that gutters are not clogged and that they drain water away from the septic tank.

You should regularly check the sewerage pipes by having running water flow through the pipes to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

You should periodically engage an expert to check the sludge in the septic tank. If you do not know much about septic tanks, you should hire an expert. The inspector has a tool they insert into the tank. An expert can tell areas that need to be repaired by studying the treatment plant from outside. Appropriate advice is given on when the sewage should be pumped.

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